About Us

What Talent Shoutout Offers

We are different to traditional talent agencies.


International, national, state and local briefs available, even local and regional briefs are on here from time to time.


Risk free, We charge 20-35% commission if you book the work and nothing else, these are briefs we need to fill.


The platform is easy to use, easy to navigate. We make this as easy as possible to apply for these briefs


We process these briefs within hours of posting them to this site so you could be auditioning, casting within hours of applying, and booking the work within days.


Huge clients manager advertising agencies and the biggest casting directors in Australia. The support of the longest-running children's talent agency and the fastest-growing adult talent agency in Australia.


It's super easy to apply for briefs, put you or your family up in seconds, if you are shortlisted you'll hear from us promptly.

Who We Are

Welcome to Talent Shoutout, a noticeboard of sorts for briefs that Hunter Talent and Bubblegum Casting are Struggling to fill.  Whether you’re just beginning your career or an industry professional, we want to help you achieve industry success. 

Talent Shoutout is really a merging of Bubblegum and Hunter's excess briefs, hard to find, family briefs, real siblings, special needs, remote areas or just unique type characters. They all go Here - Adam JAcobs MAnaging Director Bubblegum Casting & Hunter Talent.

 The goal behind Talent shoutout was to connect with Professionals and allow them to apply to castings more easily. Talent Shoutout will be the leading addition and entertainment job website for actors, models and influencers in Australia and beyond.

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