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Welcome to Talent Shoutout

This is where influence and opportunity meet.

We are a network of content creators, social media personalities, and online brand ambassadors who match with brands to create powerful campaigns happen on Instagram, Tiktok, Youtube, and more.

So, if you’re an online personality who wants to make a positive impact with your reach, introduce your community to brands you know they will love; or you are with a brand that is looking for someone who can best represent you in the community you want to be a part of, drive traffic to your platforms, boost sales, and start a phenomenon - Talent Shoutout is where you make that connection.

TS Influencers

Talent Shoutout is our go-to source to find professional influencers for our clients’ briefs.

Whether it’s hard to find talent, mum influencers, fitness gurus - Talent Shoutout is the first (and last) place we check.


Talent Shoutout How It Works

How it works

  • For Influencers
  • For Agencies

If you’ve got a considerable following on social media – 5,000 or more – then you can begin your journey as an influencer!

And if you’re already in the industry, whether you’re a macro or micro influencer, then here’s your shot at bigger opportunities.

Get the chance to work with our long list of leading brands, advertising agencies, and casting directors.
With new briefs coming in daily from international and local brands, you’re sure to find opportunities that match your niche.

Influencer marketing has become a billion-dollar industry in recent years, with social media now being the most powerful tool for communication and advertising.

With 82% of customers using social media to guide their purchasing decisions and 49% of consumers depending on influencer recommendations, this is the next step in marketing for your business.

If you’re a brand looking for influencers with similar communities and niches – you’re in the right place!

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